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Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I love reading. Mum used to tell me not to read when I was younger, because once I started I couldn't do anything else. Meals would be skipped; sleep would be put off for as long as possible.

Picking out good books is like a treasure hunt. Or shopping. I don't buy just any clothes, and I don't read just anything. Second hand books and clothes are fine with me, however, more so than online versions. I like to be able to feel the materials in hand.

I usually make film lists for my friends, and here is a reading list for guys who don't like reading. Batman is not a book. I have tried to keep the list as short as possible, and since there are so many good books out there, I am never going to be satisfied with this list. But, here we go.

Let's start slow. Lots of drawings, not so many words. I love children's books.

- The giving tree - Shel Silverstein. So sweet and sad. It's as much for grown ups as well as children.
- Where the wild things are - Maurice Sendak. Let your imagination run free with Max!

Ready to read something longer?

- The hatchet - Paul Garyson. A classic tale of survival in the wild.
- The giver - Lois Lowry. A Utopian society at first glance, the protagonist boy learns that he really lives in a dystopian one.
- Holes - Louis Sachar. This book was apparently originally going to be titled, 'Wrong time, wrong place, wrong kid'. Kind of gives the story away!
- The handmaid's tale - Margaret Atwood. I studied this at high school and came to admire the Canadian author very much. An extreme Christian-inspired totalitarian society, this tale has also been adapted into a film, an opera, and a play.

Now that you have gotten into the swing of reading..

- Time traveller's wife - Audrey Niffenegger. Probably the first adult book I loved. Many who didn't like books before actually found that they liked this. A love story that goes beyond time and logic. Don't watch the movie, it sucks so much in comparison.
- 1984 - George Orwell. Two words. Big brother. Dystopian societies seem to be a recurring theme on my reading list...
- The kite runner - Khaled Hosseini. A historical fiction set in Afghanistan, about two boys' friendship despite differences in the social status, and a father's love.

There are more. Oh, so many more. Hope you will ask for more, soon.

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