Camberwell market

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Flatmate K and I went to check out the Camberwell Sunday market for some vintage shopping. It required an early rise, so it is best recommended after a quiet Saturday night in. We watched Magic Mike last night, a flat boring movie about stripping boys, before going to bed early-ish. It was so cold that I had to resort to getting the sleeping bag out for extra warmth.. 
The road to Camberwell is not hard, but from our house we still need to take a tram into town then switch to a train. It is a few stations past Richmond - I only say this because I know that is where you get off for Ikea shopping - perhaps in a few weeks' time. 
The longer you linger around the market, the more people will crowd in, plus curious musicians busking around the outskirts. There was a nice old couple singing French chansons, and two French boys rocking about eating rabbits with some cheese on the side (I am pretty sure I heard correctly). 
Camberwell Market is run by cold coin donation by the Rotary, and only sells secondhand or handmade products. Most of the stalls are small, from the boot of their cars with two clothes racks or tables forming the typical U-shaped outlines of each cramped selling vicinty. 

For my first trip I scored a small round rug, a summery button down skirt, and a pair of worn black leather Oxfords. It's surprising I actually scored a pair of shoes that fit me because I have the tiniest feet. Am quite sure the little school girl to whom I pass the money used to wear them. She looked only about ten, or so. Good pocket money in transaction. Well done, her father said in encouragement as she shyly took the money and handed me the correct change.

I let go of a few items as well, a crop shirt that K bought instead, and a lacy black dress among others, but I am quite pleased with my purchases. Such bargains, too! Most of the things are not even priced, the sellers make up the prices as they go, which gives room for haggling. Sometimes it's easier when you know the exact costs, though. 

Will be returning soon for some furniture.

Every Sunday, 7am-12.30pm

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