Coffee place: Seven seeds

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Why are you still studying? What are you still studying? P showed me around his uni of Melbourne this morning. The modern graduate lounges with plush designer seats in heritage buildings and pop up coffee and crepe stations dotted around campus... I wouldn't want to stop studying if this was my uni, either.
The University of Melbourne is situated in Carlton, with many hip cafes and Italian bread stores, cake stores, cheese stores.. Should I have moved here instead?!
He took me to a cafe, and, would you believe it, it was Seven Seeds. One of the places I needed to go in Melbourne. Even by the high caffeine snobbish Melbournite standards, Seven Seeds is considered good. In an alleyway - because everything cool here is in alleys - with only an almost non distinct red logo on the otherwise barren dark walls, you will recognise Seven Seeds. You can park your bikes inside. It's that hip.
It reminded me of Black Betty in Christchurch. It has the same wooden yet  warehouse-y feel, open space, a room for coffee tastings.
Seven Seeds has a very active website. There is a sister cafe called Brother Baba Budan in town. You should definitely check it out.

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