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Saturday, August 31, 2013

I was ready to get out.

After having been home most of the week, working, except for that brief Wednesday outing, I gladly accepted an invitation to dinner with some mates of my flatmates.

Where are we going? Southbank.
What are we having? Dunno.

World turned out to be just by the Yarra river, where chic restaurants and bar line along the wide boulevard. In the morning this walkway is filled with people in suits hurrying to get to work, by feet and on two wheels. By night the tree fairy lights come on, and on the hour a display of powerful fire whooshes out of the rectangular poles that dot across the riverside. It's beautiful.

World was crowded with people after work, keen to start the weekend. The music was loud above the crowd and we had to shout to be heard. As we walked into the restaurant, wet with rain, I saw an ATM machine inside, which I thought was unusual. Turns out, many restaurants, bars and clubs all have this facility. They prefer cash at a lot more places than I am used to in NZ, where it is common practice to just hand over your card for any transaction, small or large. Personally I find having to carry cash quite inconvenient.
Marlborough Sauvignon blanc was the appetizer, waiting around for the mates to arrive. I chose a safe option because I have no idea about what Aussie wines are like, even though I have heard of many of the vineyards on the list. I got R to go over the local beer list with me as well, so I have a better idea of what to order next time.

Dinner was Pulled Pork Taco (smashed avocado, honey glaze, chilli sauce) and Bruschetta. Taco was an obvious choice, but of course one taco is not enough. I could have chosen all of the three tacos on the menu, but opted for another. Luckily, since the taco was absolutely delicious but it was quite spicy, so the fresh tomatoes on the bruschetta was a mouth refresher and a delight. We actually also got another pizza to share, Mediterranean, even though we were full. The food here is that nice. 
Afterwards we went to more pubs and clubs in the Richmond and Fitzroy areas. It was only a quick scan, and I'd like to see more, both at day and night times. Southbank is more the upper professionals city style I am used to living in Auckland (though it's probably a notch down in Auckland). The suburbs are more relaxed, with a lot more younger crowd mixed in. I think I could get used to this pretty quickly :)

Shop 4, Building 2, 
Riverside Quay, Southbank, Melbourne

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