Finally in Melbourne, strangely familiar

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I am finally in Aussie land in Melbourne. It has been months since I have decided to leave Auckland, weeks since I have decided (indefinitely) on Melbourne, and days since I finally booked myself into a hostel for three nights.

Melbourne was chosen because it was a bigger version of Wellington without the hills, earthquakes, landslides, and gusty winds. I wanted to move to a city with a stron arts culture, you see. Melbourne was close enough from home, which was kind of important because I felt that I have been away from my lovelies for too long. This way my friends and family will hopefully visit me more. Bigger city means more opportunities and I have a lot to experience and learn.
The plan was to stay at a hostel for the first half of the week, for the whole week of necessary, while finding a place to live. It won't be too hard, will it? Though this is the first time I am in a foreign place without a planned lodging, I felt I had enough experience with moving overseas to settle down quickly.
A dropped me off at the airport. J text me he was going to miss me. My parents called - they seldom call - to check I was all ready. I think so. This is my first time in Melbourne, but Australia is not that different from NZ, I told myself.

In the plane I slept like there was no tomorrow. Skipped the meal completely. Got my heavy bag off the carrousel and got on the Skybus to Southern Cross Station, where I changed buses to a smaller free shuttle to the hostel. Easy. I had the four bunks ensuite room all to myself the first night. Luxury!
The first days at a new city always involve too much walking, because I like to see everything on foot. The first day I was awarded with a chance Space Invader. In Melbourne? I hadn't realised!! Score!

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