Food day at Shed 10

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Back in Auckland, things have been a bit busy at work this week with new team members joining in Auckland, the boss coming over to catch up with us...
Of course since I had already moved out before going down to Christchurch for two weeks, I am now moving around different mates' places, crashing on their floors and beds until it is time for me to fly out. I have a feeling I will be without my own bed for a while. I will probably book myself into a hostel for the first week in Melbourne until I find somewhere permanent. No worries, though, I love my sleeping bag, and a good thing, too!
This morning S and I went to the dentist for a quick scaling. Six monthly check ups for my pearlies are important, especially after having worked as a dental assistant. They used to be an annual thing back in the high school days, but sometimes once a year is not enough! It also helps that the dentist is my old boss, so I can trust her and she gives me discounts.
We had a mini car crash on our way home. Eek! Don't worry, no one got hurt, but our car does now have a sharp dent in the bumper and number plate. 
To calm the shakes of the unexpected morning bump, S, M and I headed to Queen's Wharf just of Britomart in Central Auckland. Shed 10 was having a one day food event, with live music and entertainment. All of the cool restaurants and eating places from around central city was involved in the event, with little stalls set up around the huge warehouse shed. 
We spent a good two-hours lunchtime here, and ate a LOT. 
Loved how there were so many Latin American cuisine, as well as Asian and Kiwi. 
Oysters! Love!
Most of the dishes were in small proportions, like the sliders, tostadas, tacos, which made it easier to share. With the others we just handed the dish around between the three of us, taking bites out of everything.
The mandatory feet shot, which I haven't actually been doing a lot of lately. The hot pink bag has become kind of a signature look for me; I love M's brown leather boots.
Probably one of the favourites of the day: croquettes from Merchants of Venice, a restaurant in Wynyards Quarter.
The crowd was insane!
For the tacos there was a very long queue. Like most people, though, I waited patiently for my turn, because tacos are so freaking yummy. 
Tostadas from Atica were so refreshing. We've already enjoyed their food in the Summer during a Latin American inspired rice and beans festival earlier this year. S and I love them, they are so delish.
How spicy can you take it? I never know which sauce to put on. Tacos, te quiero. 

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