Grocery shopping tips in Australia

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

I went to Woolworths to get some shampoo because I was running out. Woolworths is a supermarket chain, also in NZ, under various names. In NZ it also operates under the name of Countdown.

Across from Woolworths was Aldi. We don't have this is NZ but it is a discount supermarket. Aldi is a German company. I guess it's like Carrefour?

There was a couple coming out from their shopping with a trolley in tow. Three years ago, I associated this kind of trolley only with Asian grandmothers. Then I found while living in Paris, that this is a very common household item to transport your weekly groceries in.
It's still a little strange to see the same thing starting to take over in Australasia, but here you go. It is easier to roll then to carry.

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