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Wednesday, August 21, 2013

When choosing hostels, I looked at reviews and ratings online. Prices also came into account, then the pictures and Facebook pages.

I was down to two hostels. Both had good reviews and prices, Facebook likes, and the rooms looked nice in the pictures. The only differences were that one had better site modified for mobiles for me to book the room for the three nights, and the locations. One was closer to the station where the airport shuttle Skybus stopped, while the other was closer to the area I wanted to find a place in.

I chose the first option, with the better mobile site and the more convenient location to the bus terminal. I hadn't known there was free hotel transfer service by Skybus, though.

Urban Central is in Southbank, south of the Yarra River and close to the Crown complex and Melbourne Aquarium. The four bunks ensuite dorm I am staying in on the fifth floor is clean and comfortable with good lights. I visited another dorm room on the fourth floor last night but they didn't have any windows.

There is the kitchen, dining area, computers and bar on the first floor with a travel desk. Laundry room, and study and reading areas are between the second and fourth floors. As in many hostels, there are fun events organised for each night of the week, for people to meet and mingle. I met a few Kiwis here, haha.
In my room one of the girls brought some S-hooks to hang her clothes and towel. What a clever idea! I need to get some for next time.

Tonight is my last night. I hope I don't snore too much.

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