Life in new room, Degraves Street, and Salsa dancing

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Woke up in my new room today! It needs a really good scrub... soon. I'm taking things slow. I don't know where to begin! Should I explore Melbourne first, or should I have a proper room and start buying furniture first? Think I'm going with exploring.
The weather was wonderful today. It was sunny for most of the day, and actually quite hot! Humid! It was definitely a taster of the real warmth to come. Welcoming.
Met up with A for an early dinner. We stopped by a French bakery where A got some pastries for her workmates then we had pasta and pizza at the Quarter on Degraves Street. She had gnocci and I had chorizo and shrimp pizza. It was a big meal, but I made myself eat all of it because it was yummy.

Afterwards I wandered down to Little Collins Street, for some salsa dancing. I promised A in Auckland that I'd keep it up, and I will. They have free classes every week, plus the actual classes are pretty cheap too, if you want to challenge yourself in the more advanced levels. Going back tomorrow :)

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