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Saturday, August 24, 2013

It had been more than twenty hours since my last meal. I had moved into my new house, but had not brought much to eat, and was in a dire need to go grocery shopping. I could have gone to Queen Vic's market but thought some neighbourhood exploring should come first.

On the twenty minute walk to the nearest shopping mall, there were nothing much other than houses. This is a pretty residential area. The houses are not new, some are very small, cottage like. Very cute. My neighbours all seem to have lemon trees in their front and backyards. There was one where they also had an olive tree and a vege patch. My kinda garden! Maybe we should plant some in our one as well!

I spotted some pretty hip looking cafes along the way, but I was talking with mum on the phone so had to pass them. Next time.

Roll'd is at the entrance of the Barkeley shopping square and the most popular eating place in the complex. Not that there are many choices. The Vietnamese place has phos and bahn mis and rolls. I had a bowl of mixed pho rice noodles, and with a good squirt of the red chilli sauce. Also got two spring rolls to take away for dinner, but by then the rice papers had dried a bit so they weren't as nice as they could have been.
Maybe I will try the bahn mi baguette sandwiches next. Just found out Roll'd is a chain!

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