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Friday, August 23, 2013

I don't know what is wrong with Google these days. The Google Chrome on my LG phone has decided to showcase its contents in very cute curly font all of a sudden, and I cannot change it back. The new YouTube app doesn't seem to have a search function, can anyone show me where it it? I also had a scare yesterday when I found out that an email had been sent incomplete, when I definitely had written it to the full. Technology...

Anyway. I have been on a blogging streak, to catch up on all the lost times. Sorry if it had been somewhat overwhelming!

One of the places I had wanted to check out in Melbourne was ACMI - Australian Centre of Moving Images. ACMI is conveniently located in Federation Square, the meeting place with the free public WIFI, just across Flinders Station. There were two free exhibitions downstairs, so H and I thought to go explore. 
There were different parts to the film exhibition: Screen Worlds, which took us through the history of film, television, and even computer games. This had been part of my major at university, so it was good to recap and refresh my mind on some of the names and concepts. 
Another part was dedicated to the Australians who have helped shape up the film, tv and media industry. I had not realised there were so many Melbournites in Hollywood. Cate Blanchett was born in Melbourne, did you know? Of course, some of them worked behind the scenes, such as the lady above.
Her name is Jill Bilcock, and she has edited many movies that surely you would have seen: Moulin rouge, Romeo and Juliet?! Both movies with such rich, sometimes clashing, colours, and variations of speed! They showed an interview with her that was really interesting for me, and now I want to rewatch all those movies again. 
Where are you, the cameras? Ready, set, action!

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