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Monday, September 02, 2013

Therry Street, by Queen Victoria Market, has some really cool shops. I had gone in search of After store, after having read about it in a little Melbourne guide map. On the way I stopped by a colourful shop with a South American/African twist, and got into a very long conversation with the shop owner. She also came to live in Melbourne after NZ, where she lived in Dunedin. Her daughter, like me, has studied biomedical science and loves films. Unlike me, she has continued on with her science studies into labs, but is still a fanatic film buff, and volunteers at the Melbourne Film Festival every year. I had just missed it when I arrived, boohoo. Matchy Match, the shop, has these gorgeous baskets and cushions that I really want. So going back, soon.
After store and Pan after are sister stores. After store is more organised, focusing on more home deco. Pan after is more furniture.
The stores are only a few minutes apart, by foot. Pan after is in an upstairs warehouse.
Up the steps...
It is a treasure hunt of all sorts of curious things. Most of them have a rustic feel to it. They are currently working to have all of their products online, for shopping at home. Delivery is really not expensive either. Only 20 bucks from the store to my place! Choice!
After store
99 Therry Street

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