Bread and coffee place: the Village bakery

Thursday, September 19, 2013

This place is full of goodies. The Village Bakery doesn't look attractive at all from the outside, but once in, you won't know where to start looking. They have so much on offer! From savoury quiches to sweet tarts and cakes, artisan breads, Greek pastries, coffee... 

I came in here for lunch, my first lunch out in Melbourne, I think. Was seriously in need of some coffee. After a month of caffeine abstinence, I buckled in. It's been a pretty good week at work thus far, so why not? 

Salmon and ricotta quiche was average, I forgot to ask for it to be heated so microwaved back at home. Think I should have made it hotter, it was kinda cold in the centre. 

The small latte was smooth and weak enough not to give me a jolt after the long absence in my system. Probably means it's a bit too weak, but then again, I do like my coffee strong. 

How could I resist from choosing at least one sweet treat when they were so prettily arranged on show? For today it was the chocolate filled doughnut - or donut, the Aussies like to follow the American way a lot. Come here, you! It was soft; even the chocolate filling, which I thought would be hard, for some reason. I got sugar all over my mouth, like a kid, haha. 

Gonna go back for some Greek pastries, soon!

38 Grantham Street, 
Brunwick VIC 3056
M-F 6am-7pm
Sat 6am-6pm
Sun 7am-6pm

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