Cravings on cold days

Friday, September 13, 2013

Cold weather seems to be returning, reluctant to leave us, yet. Heaters are coming back on, as a result, as well as cravings for warm, fatty food. 
Fush 'n' chups. I miss the days when they came in newspaper wrappings. Sometimes, you just want to go back to the old school ways, ya know? The local joint had heaps of options, but no doughnuts! The chips were salty but the fish was good enough, and most importantly big enough. 
My sweeties A and A are forever taunting me with sweet chocolates over online messages. I had been so good, not eating sweets nor drinking coffee and alcohol for almost a month! I needed to treat myself again. I've missed them so much!
The chairs have finally entered the room. No table as yet, though, so I am still crouched on the floor at work each morning. Soon!

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