Monday, 16 September 2013

Dessert & Cocktail place: San Telmo

There are not that many places serving pisco sours, a Peruvian cocktail that I was on the hunt for. San Telmo was one of the few, so off we went.
Yes, it'd been a long day with Spanish in the morning, Mexican in the afternoon, and now it was time for some more Latin American appreciation.
It was only 4 in the afternoon, but peu importe. Or, no importa.
Here is pisco sour! It's pisco, lime juice, syrup and egg white. Sweet, but with a tiny smell.. of I don't know what.
On the side? Why not some dessert? Pear tart with ice cream was super sweet, but so lovely melting in your mouth.
The citrus cake with ricotta and mint went very nicely with both of our cocktails as well. 'Twas a lovely end to the long sunny day :)
14 Meyers Place
Between Bourke & Little Collins Sts, Melbourne

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