Dinner place: Bergerac

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Lovely service, lovely food, lovely atmosphere. Wandered into Bergerac while searching for a good dinner place, and we were very pleased with our finding. No appetizer, but a glass of champagne with cassis to get us started.
My choice of main was magret de canard. There was also a confit de canard but I'm glad I chose the duck breast over the leg, because I hate fiddling with bone bits in my food. 
I've been losing 1 kg per week since I moved to Melbourne, but this weekend I have definitely gained all the lost weight back - and more. Can you see how pleased I am with the dinner choice? 
Dessert was the classic crème brulée. R and I were so full that we couldn't finish, regretfully because it was just as nice as the main. R had just come back from 7 months in Europe and he said being inside Bergerac was like going to France again. It was chilly coming out of their doors, and I must admit I didn't want to leave, it was getting pretty nostalgic with all the French songs in the background...

131 King Street, Melbourne

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