Furniture shopping

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

For a person whose life fit perfectly into one big suitcase and a carry on bag, buying big furniture or making small aesthetic purchases are quite foreign practices. I have owned a bed and a microwave and a cool armchair, once, but it was a huge hassle to move it from one apartment to another.
In a new country, I am trying to make my new room as homey as possible. I have the basic necessities, but I would really like a table and chair as starters.
What size? How much? Which style? These are questions that turn in my head constantly.
Boho, modern, kitch?! A clatter of eclectic mix and match? Probably.
At the end of a long day chasing colourful furniture dreams at Ishka, then a trip to the huge Ikea, I ended up making only one purchase: white curtains . It's a start. 

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