Market shopping: Queen Victoria Market

Thursday, September 05, 2013

In Melbourne, you will find me shopping at Queen Vic Market at every opportunity. Huge market spanning through both indoor and outdoor, you will find pretty much everything here. You can even buy egg laying hens, if you want! Hmm.. now that's a thought. The vege and fruit, especially, are usually cheaper than in the supermarkets. Apart from that, it is a very good experience. 

You will need to be careful in choosing who to buy from, though. It's hard when there are so many stalls and you are trying to get the most bargain and quality, and at the same time buy as much on your list from the same people - because I want to become a regular here, moi. 

Cheese will still be quite expensive, but you know they have whatever export you are after. I got some Italian Gorgonzola blue cheese and nutty Gruyere I love so much from a stall with a pushy salesman. He was nice, though, and I also got some dips while I was at it, too. It's annoying not being able to buy with cards, but it's okay. I will get used to carrying cash around. 

Want some rosemary herb plants... and chicken?! Hmm, the neighbour cats may have a fest.

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