On the hunt: the signature scent

Monday, September 16, 2013

I used to wear perfumes; not any more. Not since Paris, when I used to wear Miss Dior. 
My first perfume had been a Burberry by Burberry. A classic with a minimalist design, it had a vanilla after note. It had been a gift from an old friend. I had worn that during my first winter in France.
A wondered why I don't wear perfumes any more. Deodorants are not perfumes! he says. They smell just as nice, though. I have a Dove men's that smells clean and I love how the scent envelopes me. Perfumes sometimes can be too powerful, often too flowery...
It's hard to choose a scent I like, the one scent I want to be associated with. The one where a whiff in the streets will trigger a thought of me - a forget-me-not smell. One day soon I may find it. But before then, you will have to be content with my clean but weak soap/shampoo/deodorant undertones. 

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