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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Flatties A and R said it was pizza night. Ok, I'm joining in! I love pizzas. Not the chain store ones, no Dominos (who's got the hots for the box with the dots?) and definitely no Pizza Huts. I had some unlucky experiences with Pizza Hut when I was about 10, and haven't had them since, pretty much. My favourite pizzeria is in Christchurch, NZ, called Winnie Bagoes. Their bread fingers are amazing, too. 
When it comes to pizzas, I usually go for the vegetarian ones. Pepperoni is fine, but I don't like my food too salty. Lots of cheese is good, but not so much that I feel sick afterwards. Seafood is always welcome, but not if the white sauce swirls are not up to the standard. 
Penny Black is huge. It has two outdoor areas, one in front and one in the back, and two indoor areas, one at the front, and one in the back. Tuesdays are pizza nights, where all of their pizzas on the menu are 6 bucks each. Six. That's such a bargain! Can't say the same for the drinks, though. 

If you want to swipe your card, you need to order a minimum of $10. I find it weird that they always ask you what your account is. Why not just let me push the buttons? Apparently it's because not many people know how or where the buttons are. Well, if they were allowed the chance to learn they would. So many places are run by cash here -  for someone who is used to swiping her cards for everything, even as small as $2, it's a nuisance. Does carrying cash around force you to spend less? Maybe. I will find out. Except those ATM fees are annoying, too.

Anyway. Enough venting. This week for Penny Black's Tuesday Pizza Night, I got a roasted pumpkin. A and R were scoffing theirs so quickly, that I had to keep up. Seriously, I had to leave big fat chunks of crusts behind so I can finish in time with them. Mind you, I am glad I did - otherwise the dance practice after dinner may have been a bit tricky. 

Next time I'm coming here to try out their tacos. 
420 Sydney Road,
Brunswick, VIC 3056
M-Th 5pm-12am
F-S 12pm-12am

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