Shoe shopping - show me the way

Monday, September 02, 2013

Melbourne is a trap.
Seriously. I know I come from tiny NZ but I have been in big cities like Paris and Seoul. I've never been lured by shopping like Melbourne has me - I don't think. There's the big shopping street in town with all the big and small marks, and then there are all these fabulous vintage op shops dotted around in the precincts. I love it. My bank account is already non existent, but it's past worrying now.

Everything takes a bit of time for me these days because I'm still trying to figure things out. Where can I get this? It would be in store A in NZ, but they don't have it here. I need this, I know I can get it in store B, which thankfully is also in Aus, but where is the store located? The map never leaves my hand. 

The list of things to do and buy is not getting any shorter, and my head is spinning with ideas and hopes and desires that cannot quite be caught up. Slow down! Each day ends, exhausted, crawling into bed, sleeping like a log - too tired even to snore. 
I went into town to run some errands, and got caught shopping. Is it stress? Probably. I'm here in Melbourne, I have a room, now what? Guess I am getting a tad impatient to settle in as soon as possible. Sometimes your expectations and the reality do not quite match. Depends which way you are looking, because most things look slightly different at various angles - myself, included. Will I like Melbourne as much as I hoped? Will Melbourne like me? But then, I have only been here two weeks. It took me at least three years to get used to Auckland, so I know I just need to give it time. One day, it will come to fit me perfectly.
Like these shoes. Don't you love it when your clothes and shoes fit perfectly? Especially shoes. If you have tiny feet like mine, you will understand what I'm talking about. There are never shoes that fit me well. I usually head straight for the kids section. And when they do fit, you have to get them, whatever the price, because this may your only chance. 

A brief stop by Zara Kids was just like that. I got so excited that I was skipping (half-guiltily) down to the counter with the soon-to-be-mine summer sandals, got ready to pay... gasp!!! Where is my bag with all my other purchases of the day?!!!!!! (You see, this was not the only purchase over the weekend.) I had forgotten my shopping bag upstairs and couldn't even remember where I'd placed it, haha.

Melbourne in the weekend was heavenly warm. Spring is here! Sun makes everything better. It is probably only a brief tease, but I made the most of it by getting my skirts and singlets out. Drats, I left most of my summer clothes back in Auckland. Hmm.. an excuse to make a quick trip back soon? There are some I miss so much right now, already. 
It's okay. For now, I have my lovely new shoes to calm me down. It is one of my mottoes in life: good shoes will take you to good places. Which reminds me once again that I need to get out of the house/home office more than ever...

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