Art project: Oh Happy Day Melbourne party

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Jordan at was coming over to Melbourne and having a party. I offered to help. It ended up being a weekend of sleepless and crafty days and nights. 
First was the hunt for proper material. Three shops and many hours of search later, I have found them. Eight colours in a gradient of sunset hues. The salesperson at the arts supplies shop said she had never sold so many papers in one transaction. I've never bought so much, either. 
T helped. She flew over from NZ and ended up spending her Melbourne weekend tracing and cutting, haha. Without her I couldn't have done it.
I watched 5 movies straight. And they still weren't finished afterwards.
One row...
Two rows...
Three rows... and 540 pieces finished.
Thanks, 500 days of Summer!

On the day...
The event was held at West Elm on Chapel Street in South Yarra, Melbourne. It had just recently opened, its second store in Australia.
Jordan had these cute corners planned out for the invitees. How are you feeling? Each person could come and pick between the rainbow choices of emotive face pins.
What would you have chosen?

Helpers busy with the set up. There were flowers, a photo wall..
A loooong cake..
The West Elm team were great.
Heaps of people turned up, but the bubbles never stopped flowing ;)
This lovely lady typed out personal poems for you.
This is a photo of me and Jordan. Not the most flattering one of myself, but Jordan is always so cute!
Loved the food and drinks at the event.
The highlight of the evening, especially for Jordan, may have been the cake.
The loooong dreamy rainbow cake.
Thanks Jordan for coming to Melbourne and letting me a part of it. Thanks West Elm and Go Mighty for sponsoring her to come all the way Down Under from her San Francisco! 

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