Climbing place: The Hardrock Climbing Co.

Monday, October 28, 2013

When T came to visit for a conference event on her first trip to Australia, I knew we had to go to the Hardrock. I had known it since the first time my eyes lay on the tall, tall, lit walls through the glass building as I travelled past on a tram, in the beginning of my Melbourne stay. 

Make sure you don't forget your climbing gear!

After the conference we made our way over. It's not a cheap casual hobby - the entry and gear hire cost me $30 altogether, but it is worth it. Hardrock is a popular place, especially among European backpackers. Some of them even had their own climbing gear, just like T, so do they always take them around, just in case, or did they come to Australia specifically with some climbing in mind? I didn't ask, so I don't know the answer, sorry.

It was a good experience, for both T to have practice in an unfamiliar environment other than the place in Auckland where she goes in every other day, and for me. I like the challenge of finding and calculating the best route up. It's both physical and mental. I just find it frustrating that I am not as fit as I would like to be, or as trusting as I would like to be - can I really hop and swap legs in the air above? I am not as light as Spiderman! I am so sure I can trust T, but... I get really scared of possibly falling from the high distances. I can force myself to look down, but I have so much trouble letting go. I don't care if my hands are slippery with sweat from physical strain as well as fear. I can't let go.

Still, it was so much fun. Exhausting, and scary, yes, but fun. I didn't even go up much. Expensive, but fun.

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