Death and wills

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Thinking about death today, like I've never thought about it before. The importance of healthy mental and physical health has been quite clear to me since my high school years, thanks to episodes of family members being in and out of beds and hospitals. I haven't really thought beyond that, though. Even when Mum was almost at death's door, nearly went right through it (thankfully she came back quickly, she wasn't quite ready), the end of life and what that means hadn't really been on my uppermost thoughts.

I don't mean the philosophic debate of whether there is heaven and hell, where do we go, kind of thinking. I mean more for those who get left behind, who have to keep on living. Deaths aren't always sad and a result of sickness and suffering.

So many friends around me are getting their papers sorted out, and wills ready, just in case. Kind of makes me panic a little bit. Not because I am scared of death, not really. But because, I don't really have anything to sort out if I was to die right now? Maybe my student loan? And lost, unfulfilled dreams and goals?!

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