MONA: Museum of Old and New Art

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

This was the reason I agreed to come to Tasmania with M. I had heard wonderful things about MONA, and was really excited to visit. Normally you would take a ferry from Hobart, but we had stayed at a campervan park just next door, so just wandered over as soon as the door opened in the morning.

 The long driveway takes you past rows of grape vine trees. Then there are the grassy concert areas and Mickey Mouse hand like seating areas and a beautiful view overlooking the waters and a court to play tennis while admiring this view... then the entrance.
 Delve underground and you are given a high tech iPhone museum guide next to this bar.
 Let your museum visit begin!
 It's full of the weird and fascinating.
 These bulbs light up your pulse. These bulbs are also illegal in Australia. They had to ship them from China.

 I love interactive art. Kids playing table tennis. Jumping on a musical trampoline.
 Gorgeous furniture in the library while taking a little leg rest. MONA is a pretty big place.
 As well as interactive, it's multimedia.
 Paradise. For both the kids and adults.
Fat car.

655 Main Road
Berriedale TAS 7011

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