Brunch place: Il fornaio

Sunday, December 08, 2013

Start of the best day ever! The sunnies weather lifted our moods up considerably after the few days of grey wetness. Both having gotten used to the tram system by now, it was a breeze to St Kilda, the Melbourne beach.
Il Fornaio is on the other side of Acland Street, away from all the cake shops. It was a nice walk along the line of green trees. We passed a cute little church. Wondered why the side walks had cushioning every so often. Was it to protect the tree roots? We had no idea.
Happiest of moods! I loved the brunch session in the sun. 
A random dog joined our morning. Can we please adopt him?!
Il Fornaio is a bakery and a pastry shop as well as a brunch cafe. 
The staff were lovely and so were the customers. 
Plus, I loved my food. A chose the Bloody Mary Breakfast, without a Bloody Mary. It was Angus steak with horse radish potatoes and bloody mayo.
I opted for a sweeter choice: From San Sebastian to St Kilda. With other items on the menu names like 'I wear lycra' and 'Miranda Kerr pancakes', they have a sense of humour, here! The corn bread on my San Seb/St Kilda dish were amazing. A couldn't stop stealing some. The portion size is so generous I (nearly) couldn't finish, fortunately for him.

2 Acland Street
St Kilda, VIC 3182

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