Christmas day

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas day alone is depressing. My parents may have been overseas, but luckily for me, I was able to share the day with K and her family, and later with a few mates. It was a beautiful hot morning... until it started pouring down... and it hasn't stopped being gloomy even now. Enough already, skies! Brighten up!

Christmas lunch was preceded by the obligatory exchange of presents. K's family gives each other multiple pressies to each other. Wow. The food? Fantastic and over filling. It's not Christmas if not the table is overflowing with too much good food. Leftovers are part of it all. 
As if lunch wasn't enough, P's Christmas dinner was another jolly affair. P had apparently spent three days preparing for the evening for us - lolly cake, pavlova, ambrosia, mince pie, sausage roll, it was all there. Crackers, cheese, chocolates, and sparkling wine he would not stop refilling. P played a very good host!
P's pecan pie was amazing. Seriously. If I hadn't been so full I would have definitely gone for seconds and thirds - in any case, I took some to take home. The decorations, the DVD playlist, the whole lot.. Thank you so much, P! Best orphans' Christmas, ever!
Thank you also to K for letting me spend time with your family, and the surprise box of macarons - bundles of joy the whole day!

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