Christchurch: Canterbury museum

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Canterbury Museum is not a big place. It's not Te Papa, our national museum in Wellington. It's not small, either. You could easily spend a day and a bit wandering about, inside. For me, it's one of my favourite museums. I love playing tourist and this is definitely one of my must stops for any city tours. 
Museums and galleries always have some special exhibitions going on, and there is currently a new form of Christchurch happening right in the heart of the museum. After the earthquakes a lot of street artists collaborated with the city council to liven up the dead city with colour and creativity.
A bus stop seat made of skateboards.
Works by famous street artists such as Banksy feature here. It all started with a stenciled t-shirt...
Do you also feel sometimes like your head is too full, full of ideas and thoughts and memories? I need to stop a moment and tidy them up, organise them back neatly into the corners of my mind. So my head doesn't burst. I related to this one. 
Less can definitely be more.
The growing new face of Christchurch, as seen inside Canterbury Museum. Highly recommended after a stroll through the green Hagley Park and its Botanical Gardens.

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