Melbourne: Dejour jeans

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

On the first few days back in Melbourne, I took to the parks for some morning exercise, then headed to Sydney Road one afternoon to finally get some custom fitted jean shorts. 

Finding well fitting jeans are hard, but jean shorts are harder. I always find that there is way too much room in the waist area compared to the hips and thighs. I guess my waist is a little slimmer and the rest a little curvier than the average people for whom most clothes are made?

At 542 Sydney Road, you can find all sorts of designs and colours of Dejour jeans. Find the best waist height and colour, and the Dejour ladies will help you to mark the areas that need taking in, taking out, cut, folded, etc. 

In the back area are the owner and his assistants who do the actual adjustments for you. Come back half an hour (depending on how busy it is at the time) later and the jeans are ready for the final perfections before he is satisfied to let you go. He made me take the shorts off so he could take a little more in the waist, making it sit more nicely across the back. My Dejour jean shorts are the most comfortable shorts I have owned in years, one that don't ride up and leave a big gap at the back, is not baggy or manly, or too tight across the hips. 

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