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Monday, February 24, 2014

My worst nightmare is being surrounded by little animals, all coming towards me. Like, Hitchcock's 1963 film the Birds. Or even hundreds of cute little hyperactive dogs overly excited to see me, jumping up to me and getting in my face. I used to have a dog like that, she was quite the jumper. Here in Melbourne, I have another, similar, problem. Flies.

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Flies like I have never seen or experienced before. They love you and come at you and won't go away. On your face, trying to get up your nose... In swarms. In the parks I see Aussies carrying leafy twigs and hitting each shoulder lightly as they walk about. Left. Right. Left. Right. In the cities, people do the 'Aussie salute', trying rather unsuccessfully to keep the flies away from their faces.

Housemate K was just telling me about her time in Ayers Rock, how they were literally covered in flies. They had to buy fly head nets. The flies got into their food. That's why the Aussies have the cork hats! Flies!
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Out of the 20000 flies species in Australia, can you believe it is only one species causing all the flapping trouble. The female Aussie bush flies are attracted to your sweat and sugar on your skin, for protein. The male bush flies hang around to get attention. They like to lay eggs on poos, and cow dungs in particular. Since there are so many in Australia, these bush flies are here to stay as well. One cow pat can produce up to 2000 flies, and the researchers say a cow poos about 12 a day. There are about 28.5 million beef cattle and 1.65 million dairy cows in Australia. That equals.... too many flies!!
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Australia, you are too intense, sometimes...

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