Brunch place: the Cornershop

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yarraville is a surburb off to the west of Melbourne. Everything is cute here. Cute little shops and cafes, a cute little cinema. The Cornershop is one of the cute cafes around. We waited around a bit while a table became free for our group of four. It was a gorgeous hot day and we sat outside under the shade but not much fan action. 
Bubble and squeak. I would have this next time. Those croquettes looked delicious. If only there were more than two... 
The quinoa porridge with roasted coconut and mango was sweet. Too sweet for A, who had ordered it, but I found it alright. Probably wouldn't have the whole bowlful by myself, so better to share.
BLT with some avocado came in a pretty plate of its own. 
I had scrambled eggs on sourdough toast with extra bacon on the side. Those bacon didn't look like bacon, more like ham. Think I got the biggest portion of all our orders. I shared with A so she could enjoy some savoury tastes as well as her sweet one. The eggs were scrambled very nicely. 

The Cornershop is open seven days, and has all breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. 

The Cornershop
11 Ballarat St
Yarraville, VIC
The Cornershop on Urbanspoon

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