Cleaning your hairbrush

Saturday, February 22, 2014

A doesn't realise, but there was a reason I stopped brushing my hair. Not that I used to brush it out much. I got my first hairbrush of my own on my 20th birthday, as a birthday present. My friends were trying to tell me something. My hair is just so thick and half wavy, it is prone to looking frizzy. I used it for a while, but then I started noticing the brush going yucky. It kept building up on dust and dry skin, it looked quite disgusting. Little did I know, that all hairbrushes are like that, and just needs cleaning once in a while. Since I didn't know, I decided I didn't want to brush any more, and chucked the thing out, a few years later. Instead, I bought myself a comb, which I use more often. Then A decided he would get me a brush, and insists that he brushes my hair for me. He is adorable, but I make sure the hairbrush he picks up is as clean as possible. A few days before a trip to Auckland, I will always dip the hairbrush in a container filled with hot water and shampoo. I swish around the brush as vigorously as possible, and leave the brush in over night, so the dry skin flakes and other bits get melted away by shampoo. The next morning I clean between the bristles for any that had clung on. A may never know, but brushing is better when it is done for you, whether by the hairdresser or a loving friend.

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