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Sunday, February 09, 2014

Last month I went to A Little Bird Told Me thinking I would get to try the famous Lune's croissants. I found out last week that in fact, the croissants weren't Lune's. They are available in her Elwood shop or Patricia Coffee Brewers, on Friday mornings. 
I opted to go to Patricia's since it was in town, near my housemate's work, so we could grab a quick breakfast before the day started. Also, I had heard many good reviews on their coffee, which is constantly of good standards. There's standing room only, but you are not standing on each other's toes. Past the narrow strip, there is a row of the day's papers pinned to the walls on the far side. 
I asked to make sure they were indeed Lune's croissants. They are, rest assured. 
Cheese and ham savoury one on the left, a plain one on the right. B and I had cold filter coffees because it was already getting too warm. Flaky pastries can be hard to eat because they fly everywhere. But I really enjoyed my plain croissants. I wish they had been warmer, like the ones I used to lured into, freshly out of the oven in the French bakeries on the way to uni. Perhaps if I had been to the Elwood bakery, I would have been treated to such an experience. The croissants, and, oh, the coffee. A perfect combination to a fantastically sunny - too sunny - day. I shall be returning here again.
There has definitely been long long hours of hot hot sunshine in Melbourne this week!

496-495 Little Bourke St
Melbourne VIC 3000
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