Dinner place: MoVida Next Door

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's Sunday night and you're kind of hungry but your friend has already gulped down three pints of beer waiting for you. I didn't want pub food. Tapas, ¡por favor!
Moritz is a Barcelonian beer from a French immigrant. Hmm, I didn't fancy it too much. The waiter brought drinks over to the couple on the right of us. Sangria for the girl and beer for the guy. Uh, the other way around, actually, thanks. Haha, you just can't make general presumptions any more. 
MoVida Next Door is a small place, with a bar area in the centre and a group of tables around the outskirts.
White, clean interiors. I love the big posters they seem to have in every Spanish influenced restaurants, almost always something to do with Toros or flamenco dancers.
The special menus are on the blackboard. We decided to just stick with the regular menu. 
Croquetas, bombas, and squid in black ink with bread. Tiny portions, but then they are tapas. They are meant to be small. My favourite was the croquetas. The bombas are meant to have spicy sauce, but wasn't spicy enough. The squids come in cans, like a lot on MoVida's menu. It's their concept, but N, who is a native Spanish speaker, didn't think it was authentic enough. I just liked my croquetas.
MoVida Next Door is a cool little bar. It's even cooler because of its location, on the famously colourful Hosier Lane. 

164 Flinders St
Melbourne VIC 3000
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