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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Finally went to get my hair trimmed and thinned out last week. It was becoming way too thick, even though it was still quite healthy. I have such thick strands of hair anyway. The hairdressers hate my hair because it's neither straight nor wavy. It's... frizzy. 

When the length is longer at least it gets weighed down into a more straight look, but I really need to start listening to Mum and take better care of my hair. I don't normally blow dry or put any products through it. It's au naturel at its purest sense of meaning. The hairdresser straightened it for me, so it looked super nice. Only for the day. Everyone said I looked older and different without my glasses. It's good to change around your looks once in a while.

The next morning it was actually worse than before because the hair was two thirds lighter and going everywhere. Gotta learn to control it without putting them up in a ponytail all the time... Tips, anyone?
I am looking for a perfect blazer, one I can wear up and down. I found this really nicely fitting one at Cue, but I decided to look around a bit more. Not sure if black is the colour I want. Leaning towards navy blue at the moment. 
Next stop, some heels. I would love to be able to walk in and back straight out with a new pair of shoes, but it's never easy. I have the tiniest feet and even the smallest sizes are too big for me. It's worse for heels. The goal was to get a classic pair of heels. I had been eyeing this pair at Nine West because it has strapped ankles and they stock smaller sizes. I don't get to wear heels very much, but hopefully chances will arise soon, because I really want to give these sexy things a swirl soon!

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