Sunday, February 23, 2014

I tried to takeaway some left overs from my dinner from a restaurant. I was told that they are not allowed to, but I could 'sneak' it out wrapped in a bunch of serviettes. Oh! I was quite surprised, since this restaurant wasn't some fancy high class deal. But my housemate tells me this is common, in Melbourne if not all of Australia. Apparently it has to do with the food safely laws, and is a precaution taken by many restaurants left the customers take away their food, get sick, and blame in on the restaurant. Of course, it may have been the customers not storing the food properly, but the restaurants are not going to take their chances. 

I'd only eaten half my pizza, so took the rest home and kept it in the fridge to eat later. I think I really should cook home meals more often, and eat more vegetables. I've been neglecting my health a bit lately and am starting to feel the effects. Oh, oh. No esta bien.

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