Travel tip: Packing light for a week long trip

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I actually seem to pack the same amount to luggage whether it be a week or a month. My friends are always amazed at how little stuff I've got. It comes from practice - move to different continents every six months, and those three pairs of heels you never wear or that trunk full of books, however much you may want to take with you, become heavy burdens. 

I like my possessions light and simple. Only the essentials, please.

In saying that, packing for trips can still require some careful thoughts. For the past few months, I have been taking regular 7-10 day 'business' trips between Australia and New Zealand. They are not exactly holidays, and I will be going into the office during the week, where the same group of people - my colleagues - will see me pretty much every day. Plus, there will definitely be a night out somewhere within that short week, too. 

  • office wear - smart casual
  • everyday wear - for the days off
  • date wear - for a nice night out
  • active wear - because you don't want to become lazy... or just in case
Here's what I'm taking: 
  •  Airport outfit: skinny jeans, singlet, cardigan, scarf/jacket (it can get pretty chilly on the plane), small bag with passport, wallet, pen, etc. A ballpoint pen is quite important for those departure/arrival cards you have to fill out. Runners/boots if they take up too much room in your carry on, otherwise just a pair of flats
  • Tops: black singlet (wearing on the plane), grey and white tshirts, striped long sleeves. Plain and no logos or prints, so they go with almost everything and covers for all types of weathers. Many Australian and NZ places have crazy '4 seasons in 1 day' weathers
  • Bottoms: shorts, running shorts, jeans (wearing on the plane), skirt. I'm only going for seven days this time. I'd normally take a dress as well, but I thought I could do with less. I always like to include one piece of clothing that is 'new' or 'special'. This time round it's the black leather pencil skirt that I recently acquired. It's super high waisted, and can be dressed up or down. I love it!
  • Shoes: flats (wearing on the plane), heels, runners. The heels are also new, a sexy black patented leather pair with strapped ankles. I have the tiniest feet ever, and those straps will help so much keeping my feet in
  • Undies and socks: I don't like to wear socks much, but need to if I go running/tramping. 
  • Make up bag: tinted moisturiser, sunscreen, eyeliner, lipstick, powder, rosehip oil, hand cream, perfume... This is the one area where I just recently got more interested in, and my collection seems to grow all the time, much to my alarm. Eek! Thinking of getting a smaller kit. 
  • Extras: camera, chargers, laptop/small notebook to doodle/write in, presents for friends. I love looking forward to how I can both surprise my lovelies, and at how much lighter (hopefully) I will be on the return trip. On the rare times I take a book, I usually leave it behind - give to a friend, or donate to a book cafe. If taking a laptop, make sure it's within an easy reach, to get it out during the scan checkpoints. 
Things I don't take:
  • Shampoo/conditioner/body wash and toothpaste - they can leak and take up valuable space. It's much easier to buy at the destination, or use the ones at the friends' you are staying at. 
They are not much, but I still wish they were less...

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  1. Argh! You're the ultimate packer Viv! I WISH I would pack this efficiently - would love to feature this post on my blog for others to see :)

  2. I guess practice does make it better ;) Yea, go for it, Keryn, please do share with your readers! xx


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