Drinking: Monteith's Radler bier

Saturday, March 15, 2014

In Spain I was having claras all the time. They are beer and carbonated lemonade mixed together. I drank them all the time in the Spanish heat on holiday there in 2011. 

In English, claras are called shandies. In French, they are called Panaches. In German, they are called Radlers, which is also where Monteith's has got their name from.
It was the weekend. A picked me up from work and we walked over to Judges Bay. A nice little nook between Parnell and Tamaki Drive, next to Parnell Baths, that is actually a bathing beach. I thought we were just going for a picnic on the grassy mounds overlooking the waters. Oh, no, we were here for a swim. A quick cool dip, and I am so glad, it felt so good! 
A had it all prepared, and inside the bag came ingredients for our dinner - burger patties, buns, egg mayo, tomatoes and cucumber, ready sliced. Carrot sticks to munch on while the meat was cooking on the public barbeque. 
The burger was very nice. How could it not be, with a nice view in front of you and a light beer in one hand, all planned out by your sweet date. Yes, I am spoilt! and I love it. 

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