Bungy and let it go

Saturday, May 31, 2014

'Bring spare clothes,' he said. 
'Are we going sailing?'
'You'll see!'
I totally thought we were going sailing. If I'd only known, I wouldn't even have bothered with the extra clothes. I also wouldn't have eaten such a filling breakfast. But then again, if I had realised what was on plan that morning, I wouldn't have eaten any breakfast, full stop. 

As it turned out, we drove past all the lovely white sails and stopped just past the Auckland Harbour Bridge, in front of a building with the big letters, 'CLIMB & BUNGY'. 

Oh, dear. 

...Are you serious?

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. I kind of did both. The funny thing is,
I'd thought about bungy jumping a couple of days before. How, given the chance, I'd actually try it out, since we should live our lives to the fullest and say yes to (most) opportunities, right? Despite my general fear of heights. Despite the embarrassment of looking silly. When in actual fact, the cool and confident is how I want to be portrayed in front of this person I like, let alone other strangers. Did he not realise that? But it'd be another memory made together, another laugh, until goodness knows when I'd be back in NZ.

I did look like a fool, frozen stiff with my ankles bound and toes over that ledge, too scared to wave my arms at the cameras above and in front of me. Lucky I had my lenses on, otherwise it could have been dangerous. Lucky, also, that I was too light to be easily dipped into the water below. Did I want them to try? No thank you, that wouldn't be necessary! 

I did try. I did try to jump off as gracefully as possible, try to ignore the GoPro camera strapped onto my chest and angled up my nose. Later on, A actually loaded that ugly video onto Facebook. Am still trying to ignore it. Thanks, A.

I find myself becoming resolutely calm in situations of 'alarm', and I think this was one of these moments. I didn't cry for mum, like A expected me to. Instead, all I could think of was the green, green waters all around me, and the song dad used to sing to me when I was very young, about the green, green, waters. It was soothing, even while dangling upside down by a cord. 

Thank you, A, for the awesome birthday present, first of many to come. You never cease to surprise me - or befuddle me! Others may be horrified on entering their late-twenties, but frankly I am grateful to be pushing slowly closer towards the goals that are becoming more focused now, than ever before. I am happier for all that has happened to get me here, but mostly that they have past. As with this bungy experience, I am learning to face my life challenges head on, especially if I cannot change or control them, and to do it to the best of my abilities. Even if I may look or feel silly at the time, hopefully I can look back from the other side and laugh about it. Most of the time. Despite the uncertainties, it's also reassuring knowing I have a third leg to lean onto in times of need. So, thank you. 

What a start to the day. 

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