See you later, Montréal!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Travelling without a laptop is both a blessing and torture exercise, especially for someone who works online every day. Without the rectangular machine to lug around everywhere, though, I have been able to enjoy my time in Canada that much more. Friends back home, please be on hold. Hostel wifi receptions are not the greatest, and never work well in your rooms. Perhaps that is a strategy put in place by the staff to force the lodgers to mingle with each other.

After five days in Toronto, it was five days in Montreal. A smaller, cuter city, the French influence also appealed, of course. Even with the bizarre Quebecois accent that greeted me each morning from the stereo in our super retro apartment. The early-Spring weather hasn't been the most cooperative, to be sure, but here in Montreal we enjoyed a more relaxing schedule.

Romantic Old Montreal, raunchy rue Sainte-Catherine, need-to-get-fitter Mont Royal Park.. I learnt that the 'best' poutine in town still has plasticky cheese, and the famous smoked meat sandwich is just that - meat, lots of meat. New friendships were made at the hostel, Alexandrie on Amherst, and it is definitely one of the best hostels I have stayed in - great atmosphere where everyone gets along well, great staff, satisfied boarders, many of whom stay long-term.

On the bus briefly back to Toronto, then Vancouver, I can't help but be a little sad at leaving. Montreal had been on my list of cities to visit for a long time, since it is where the Cirque du Soleil headquarter is situated. Unfortunately we weren't able to meet this time, though I got flutters at the sight of its distinct tents pitched up in Old Montreal. Those tents mean magic to me, and it is probably that magic which will lure me back to this city again in the future.

Almost at the end of my Canadian trip. Thank you sis for letting me visit you, and merci Montréal for the enjoyable times in the last few days. A bientôt !

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