Sleep here: Alexandrie hostel, Montreal

Friday, May 30, 2014

Five nights in Montreal on Sis and my second chapter of the Canadian Trip recently, was possibly the best hostel experience I've had, ever. We booked a private room for the two of us, and ended up with a private apartment, almost. There was another room next door, but for half the time it was unoccupied, so long showers and lounging around in our undies were no problem - unless the cleaner came in, then Sis scurried back to the room to cover up. 

Although we had a private equipped kitchen to ourselves, we spent most of our time in the common area downstairs. This is by no means the most modern or the cleanest hostel. Our apartment was very retro, we even had a claw footed bath. The breakfast is free but simple. But it's cosy, and most definitely warm (literally!) and friendly. The majority of lodgers here are French speakers, if not from France directly. I say lodgers because many - whether they be families, young holiday workers, retirees - decide to stay here from days to weeks. 

For me, for whom Montreal had been quite a dream destination for many years, the stay at Alexandrie only augmented on my experience. Montreal itself did not disappoint, either. Initially Sis and I came to help her settle down in the city, and while she ultimately decided not to (as a non-French speaker she thought it'd be too difficult for her to assimilate fully), I could definitely see myself unpacking my bags here awhile. 

If you do find yourself in this charming gently idyllic city, rest your sleepy heads here. You will find the friendly service and convenient location pleasant and satisfying. 

1750, rue Amherst
Montréal, QC H2L 3L6

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