Taco place: Seven Lives

Monday, May 26, 2014

Favourite place in Toronto! Boy, weren't I glad I found Seven Lives.

The place was crowded. There were lines outside the shop. Signs that Seven Lives serves genuinely good tacos. Sweet. If I had been disappointed for missing out on tacos in California on the way to Canada, all disappointments melted away at the sight of this obviously popular tacoteria.

Kensington Market just got that much better. 

I had high expectations. Lines? Waiting time? No problem, as long as the soft shells are good. Thankfully the line advanced quickly, and I was soon at the head. Are you from Australia? asked the guy taking my order. I live in Melbourne. I'm from over there, too! Oh! There are Aussies everywhere, these days.

I got a Gobernador (smoked marlin, shrimp and cheese) and a Catch of the Day, which was rainbow trout. All the tacos are 5 bucks each, and cash only, por favor. The two filled me up well. The soft taco shells were strong enough even for their generous fillings. It helped that there were double layers. I managed to bite into the first one without making a mess of myself, but I didn't succeed as well with the second, as my stomach got fuller. Lots of serviettes by yourself will be mighty helpful to clean up afterwards. My mouth is watering just looking at the above photo and reminiscing... 

69 Kensington Ave
Toronto, ON M5T2K1
Seven Lives on Urbanspoon

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