Travel tip: Ten things I learnt in Los Angeles

Thursday, May 22, 2014

I have been to Los Angeles twice, and to LAX five times. Here are a few of my reflections during my time here, during a short one-day transfer:
  • Big cars. While apparently Americans are increasingly favouring smaller and more hybrid vehicles nowadays, they are still pretty big
  • Everyone drives. When I think of LA I don't think of Disneyland. I think of lots of highways and no people on the streets
  • Since people drive on the right, people also walk on the right hand side of the path and stairs. I kept finding myself walking in others' ways, oops
  • Similarly, when trying to get onto the airport transfer van from the hotel, I accidentally tried to get on from the wrong side. The driver had to call me to come back round
  • There are framed portraits of President Obama at the airport. I don't remember that from my last time at LAX. It seems a little odd. Surely, there aren't Queen Elizabeths staring at you in Heathrow, are there?  
  • Shoes off during x-rays before customs. Best to wear slip-ons or ballet flats
  • Luggages at check-ins were all so heavy! Wow, they are awfully generous with the check-in allowances here, aren't they? I thought. Then I realised they must be in pounds and ounces. Ah, of course..
  • American portions are large. An American small coffee would be what I would expect to be a medium back home. Also, coffee here is mediocre at best. The Coffee Bean wasn't so bad though
  • The cellphone charging stations in the waiting lounges were really convenient during my travels. As were the USB slots at your seats on the planes. I think all airports and airplanes should follow suit, ASAP
  • There are no public shower facilities in LAX. The toilet seats in America are surprisingly low. I didn't think Americans were short people? As a tiny person I didn't mind too much, but it was still a surprise

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