House Rules

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

.It was Queen's birthday today, and also one of my housemates' 31st birthday. Happy birthday, R! Long weekends are the best. One day to rest and do nothing, one day to work/run errands, one day to be active and fun. Can't we have three-day weekends, every week?

Monday nights are obligatory Game of Thrones screening sessions, which basically means making faces and noises of disgust/cringe/satisfaction/empathy depending on the scene. It must be the most disturbing show, ever, on so many levels. But we still watch them. Every week.

During the day we play Scrabble on our phones against each other. We are becoming quite the geeks, wooping over triple letters and clever words. Is that even English? How did a three letter word be worth so much? You need to know the game as well as words.

Brunch this weekend was at a local favourite, the Green. Their Breakfast Stack was so huge I struggled to walk afterwards, and I hadn't even finished all of it. So full but so good, especially when in such lovely company.

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