Lunch place: Olive et Gourmando

Friday, June 06, 2014

A favourite place in Montreal. 

Asked a Montreal resident for its best coffee places, and this was in her top three for brunch hangouts. Make sure you don't have a large group, though, because you will probably have to wait a long time before there's space for you.
It's a very happening place, lines for takeouts and lines for dine in-ers. Sis and I put our names down upon arrival. Being just the two of us we got a table pretty quickly. Unfortunately, very hungry Sis had gone exploring around by then so we almost lost our table. Eek, hurry back, sis!
For drinks, she ordered an orange juice and loved it so much that she gulped it down and wanted another. They only do a limited batch per day, though, and there were none left. She was so disappointed. Settled down for a lemonade, but it wasn't the same for her.
I got a long macchiato and set about planning on the routes of the day. I love the Old Montreal area. So charming, with beautiful buildings. It was cold so not many tourists were out. There were plenty of locals in this place. 
People coming and going, full of endless movements and noises. Panini and salad for her, a small salad for me. I loved my choice. It'd been a while since I was able to enjoy such luxurious brunch, and I was almost in heaven. 

351 Rue St Paul O
Montreal, QC H2Y2A7
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