Montreal: Mount Royal Park

Saturday, June 07, 2014

You might like to work on your fitness before going up to Mount Royal Park. It's a mission. To actually get to the park, you will be going uphill. Pretty steep uphill, I must say. 
I could manage that, no worries. Then came the actual park and the stairs. When will the stairs stop? Up and up we go, and people coming down the same set of steps are giving us knowing smiles: Yes, it's hard isn't it? We've felt the same. But now that we've been to the top and rested, and the way down isn't as bad. My goodness, is that how I'd looked on my way up, too? Well, good luck. 
The top of the stairs isn't the end. There's a final stretch of path walk which leads, finally, to the panorama lookout point. By this time I'm sweating like mad underneath my three layers plus the downs jacket. I need to sit down, I don't really care for the view anymore..
Cooled off and breathing easier, I took the long way down, to the east of the park. There are still some snow blankets about. Runners and dog walkers pass me by, minding their own business. Squirrels can be spotted here and there, also minding their own business. If I was to live in Montreal one day, I would love to come here to exercise. Get my fitness level up. I have a long way to go, it seems. 

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