Montreal: Three Days of Montreal Musts

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A quick tour around Montreal in three days:
  • Day one: Old Montreal
You are not in Europe, but it certainly feels like you could be, amongst the historic heritage buildings within this district. Marche Bonsecours is a one-stop visit for all your souvenir shopping.
Old Montreal is also where you will find Olive et Gourmando, the perfect brunch place. 
A quiet, unfrequented toilet stop? Try the town hall!
  • Day two: Shopping
As well as the main streets - Rue St Catherine, Rue St Denis, Bld St Laurent - you also have a maze of underground networks, with hundreds of shops to choose from, connected with subways and train stations. You can shop rain or shine, no excuses.
Hungry? Try the famous smoked meat sandwich from Schwartz's. You'll soon be re-energized for another round of money spending! (Sigh, why is money so easy to spend yet so much harder to earn?) 
  • Day three: Mont Royal
The McGill University, Golden Square Mile, and Mont Royal park. Lots of walking today - but then all my travels involve lots of walking. 

When your legs get too tired and your tummy grumbles, just head to La Banquise for a filling authentic poutine. You can't leave Montreal without having tried it!

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