Travel tip: Fun on the road [part one]

Monday, June 02, 2014

More and more of my travels are done on land than over the clouds. I thought I'd share some photos on the road with some suggestions to make your next road trip an enjoyable one.
  • Music
    If you are a solo traveller, it's easy to block out the exterior noise with music on your playlist. Make sure you have enough music to last the journey, without having to listen to the same tunes over and over. Even if you are travelling with a group, music can be just as important. You are crammed in a limited space for hours on end. Create the mood with great music for a great distraction. Whether from a phone or iPod, make sure you bring a charger as well. 

  • Engagement
    Games could be your thing. I prefer to sing along to the music. Or engage in talks. On the bus to a new city I struck up a conversation with the stranger next to me. Turns out she is from there, so I was blessed with a list full of awesome places to visit, to see and eat. Talking is especially important if you are sitting in the passenger seat. Enough to keep the driver from dozing behind the wheels. But not so much that she gets distracted. 

  • Mini breaks
    Driving is tiring business. As is talking or singing or just being in a sitting position for long stretches of time, generally. Give your legs a stretch from time to time. Go for a stop to the natural hot pools, a walk around the forest tracks. Explore cool spots before the final destination.

  • Snacks
    If a stop is not possible, at least keep your tummy happy. Hungry, bored stomachs make angry people and unpleasant times. Nuts and bananas are healthy and easy to eat. Sandwiches for quick meals on the go. Keep water handy to keep hydrated. 

  • Plans
    It helps to have a few things you want to do while on the trip. Emphasis on the few, so you are not stuck with a rigid itinerary. You do want to leave some room for adjustments and improvs. For me they are usually food related (of course), depending on the length of the trip. 

  • But also, no plans
    It's important to leave room for surprises. What if your newly made friends invite you to something awesome but you are forced to say, 'No, thank you,' because you are booked into something else (more mediocre)? Whenever you can, say, 'Yes,' to these unexpected invitations.

  • Be comfortable
    By this I mean, wear comfortable clothes. Comfortable enough not to cut circulations while in your seat. Also, be ready for a comfortable ride. If you know you get car sick, have the correct medication before the trip. You'll feel so much better for it, and so will the others around you. 

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