Travel Tip: Three ways to get around Canada

Friday, June 13, 2014

To get from town A to town B in Canada, you have three options:
  • Plane
There are no budget airlines in Canada. They pretty much only have Air Canada. This surprises me since Canada is a huge country. I guess they just let the States do it all for them, they are just across the border, after all. Often it is cheaper to fly to another Canadian city via an American one. While flights are quicker than trains or bus rides, the time and money needed to get to the airports may not be worth it.
  • Train
A good scenic option if you have the money but also some time to spare. For me I had neither this time around.
  • Bus
The cheapest way around. The train ride from Toronto to Montreal took around the same time as a bus ride - six to eight hours. So naturally, I chose the more budget option. There are two main bus operators - Greyhound and Megabus. Greyhounds have more stops, which is good if you are heading to the smaller towns. However it also means the rides can be longer.
Megabus is a little pricier than Greyhound, but they also do flash sales. $1 rides! Have to be quick, though, and as with any travel agencies, in general, the earlier you book the better the deal. Double deckers, with power points by your seat to charge your phone, and even free wifi. 
Make sure you bring snacks on board, just in case you get a bit hungry. It's a long ride. 

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