Flight Food: Qantas Sydney-Dubai

Monday, July 28, 2014

Qantas/Emirates code share flight between Sydney and Dubai was the longest leg of our flights from Auckland to Paris. Four hours from Auckland to Sydney; one hour transfer in Sydney; thirteen hours from Sydney to Dubai; four hour stop over in Dubai; six hours from Dubai to Paris. Equals = too long. 

First menu. Chipotle beef stew with rice and corn. The beef was too chewy, the rice too mushy and gluey. Salad had a tiny hint of parmesan shavings. Fortunately, the bread was of a better quality. A said the butter was an improvement, too. 1.5 from me, but only 1 from him since he had to spit out two pieces of chewy fats.
A chose chicken salad with beans, broccoli, and vege aoli. Nice sauce - planes foods are never 'lovely,' unfortunately - and fresh crisp vege pieces and tender chicken breasts, topped with pumpkin seeds, giving an extra crunchiness. For the mini side salad it was three pieces of grapefruit and two thin slices of orange. It's nice to see a salad as main, and more than two choices on the menu - though I can't remember the third choice we had now. This was a solid 4, and the best flight meal we had. A is full and he still hasn't had his dessert yet.. but also because he had finished most of my less-than-average dinner as well.

Dessert: Choco mousse with coconut and cherry. 2. I hate those fake pinky-red decoration cherries they use on cakes. The cherries in the mousse were like that, the same weird texture.

Babies enveloped us on all sides. The whole front row was full of them. We saw a lot of babies hugging other babies hello, making new friends. So cute! Though not so cute when they were screaming at night, frustrated with the cramped conditions. Thankfully most of them were sweet, it was mostly the baby girl in front of us who wouldn't stop screaming, the one who had spent most of the flight making eye contacts with us and shouting in delight. 
Supper time. Pizza snack with tomato paste, three slices of mushroom. The kind you heat up in the microwave. The kind you take three bites before they are all gone. Cannot believe they call it posh pizza sub. I wouldn't even buy one of these from a supermarket. 1. 
Pearl couscous tagine. 3. My choice, since I adore them normally. Was severely disappointed though. I think it must be hard for the flight attendants to have to eat meals like these all the time. I overheard one saying she was starving because she hadn't eaten at all, and I can well understand her. I wouldn't eat much either, except water and apples they had for the midnight snack stand.

During the flights I didn't watch as many films as I'd thought I would. I don't really watch many movies on planes any more. There weren't many I wanted to see, and staring at the plane screens at such close range gives me headaches. I prefer to sleep - rather uncomfortably, but being so small I am luckier than most - or to listen to music or to think. By the end of any long flights you are pretty much zombie-like, though. It is very important to drink and move about as much as you can. Feeling greasy, it has already been more than 24 hours since Auckland. Looking forward to the showers in Dubai, our next stopover. 

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  1. I don't think flight attendants eat the same food as passengers. I might be wrong though. Maybe they get to eat whatever is leftover.

    I love to watch movies on the plane, I pick out movies that my husband might not want to watch and he does the same thing. It's not what you think though. I usually watch food shows and he watches dancing movies.

    I'm surprised the beef stew was tough, I usually find that plane food is so overcooked, even and old boot would melt in your mouth!

    1. I hope the flight attendants get better meals, because I'll feel sad for them otherwise. I was seriously disappointed with Emirates' meals, was expecting better of them!


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